Team Xtreme Abilities



I graduated High School in May 2005.  I joined the Army Infantry in August 2005. I trained as an 11 Charlie and was in a motorcycle accident while I was home for Christmas Exodus which left me paralyzed from abs down.


I've spent 5 months in the Tampa VA doing physical therapy, 1 year in Atlanta GA as a contract between the VA and private hospital Shepherds Center.  I've done numerous hand cycle events raising money for other disabled veterans.



After spending years in therapy and sometime having fun and living life I settled down and got married and have a 19month old little girl who is my entire life.



I own a for finding tattoo shops, artists, models and photographers. We did a ‘Support the Troops’ video getting a disabled/injured veteran a free tattoo that tells a story of their time in the military and interview with their artist and the veteran. Using this video format as a way to raise money for a non-profit of the veterans choice.


I am now starting 2 new adventures with my background experience:





XtremeAbilities is starting off as a clothing brand to raise money, and eventually become a non-profit 501(c)3 taking disabled people (vet, or civilian) and doing Xtreme events such as obstacle courses, skydiving, scuba diving, jetskiing, or anything to get the blood pumping!


Is It Accessible is a site for discovering cool things to do and places to go for mobility dealers etc... specifically focused on the disabled community.


I am about to be starting college on July8th and am going to get my Bachelors in Web Design and Interactive Media.


My motivation in life is to motivate others, to help show that there is a life after injury, and most importantly to take care of my battle buddies who have been hurt at war... it's my way of doing my part since I never made it to combat.



I also own a tattoo directory/review 

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