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About the NEVER QUIT CHALLENGE – A Personal Water Craft Adventure to benefit select charities.  The NQC is an Invitational Personal Water Craft Adventure vetted by Special Operations Military Veteran teams onboard Kawasaki Ultra LX JET SKIs®.

The NQC was an original request from a special operations warrior whom was interested in a training challenge via water in 2012.  A year of preparations ensued and the NQC was created with a charity driven foundation.  The NQC was designed to complete on the anniversary of 9-11 in New York City NY.

1,600 miles covered by sea and support teams by land with vehicles and trailers.  The event is a comprehensive training opportunity of endurance, underway time, navigation and boat handling skills during hurricane season.  There are a total of six teams selected for the NQC



Never Quit Challenge Facebook Page

Never Quit Challenge Youtube Channel



 Track the stops of the Never Quit Challenge Operators: 

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1.  Never Quit Challenge Training Video

2.  Never Quit Challenge and the Boot Campaign

3.  S01 Pat Feeks JETSKI Christening by his Mother Mrs. Ginny Feeks

4.  K38 Training Active Duty Veterans

5.  Never Quit Training for Team Spartan

6.  Team Viking Training May 2013

7.  Feeks Flag - Never Quit Challenge

8.  NQC Remember 9/11 Team Video

9.  Team Viking NQC Video

10. Never Quit Challenge 'Dancing Girl' by David Puu and Shoemaker Brothers

11. Team Xtreme Abilities Never Quit Challenge Video!


April 11, 2013 - Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine

"Never Quit Challenge"  Pro Rider is our official Personal Watercraft Magazine for the Never Quit Challenge. 


April 12, 3013 - Blogtalk Radio

"Never Quit Challenge" With Phoenix Patriot Foundation founder, Mr. Jared Ogden 


April 13, 2013 Slidshare

"Never Quit Challenge" 


April 14, 2013 PR Log

'Announcing the Never Quit Challenge" 


April 16, 2013 Blogtalk Radio

'The Station Foundation and the Never Quit Challenge' 


April 16, 2013 Watercraft Magazine

'S01 Patrick Feeks Jetski Christened' 


April 16, 2013

"S01 Pat Feeks Jetski Dedication for the 2013 Never Quit Challenge"

Pro Rider Magazine NQC article


June 17, 2013

"Never Quit Challenge - Team Viking Support'

 NQC Team Viking :Slideshare Upload


June 20, 2013

'Never Quit Challenge Fundraiser'

Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine Press Release

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