The Station Foundation



The Station Foundation

THE STATION Foundation (TSF) is a non-government agency providing resources to help all Members and Families of the Special Operations Community attain the same elite performance in their personal lives as they enjoy in uniform.  TSF offers a place where Special Operators and their Families can stop, identify their values and “stay on track."  We are a critical stop on the journey to continue a life of Elite Living.

THE STATION Foundation is comprised of Special Operations Veterans, active duty members, and families who speak the language, walk the path, and live by the Special Operations creed. We are founded on the Special Operations Truths: “humans are more important than hardware;" “quality is better than quantity;" and “Special Operations Forces cannot be mass produced." Complemented by trained professionals and experts in critical areas of support, THE STATION provides premier support from the most dedicated, trustworthy, focused group of individuals.

Our quality and excellence remains grounded in the magnitude and people of Montana. The impressive landscape and fantastic outdoor opportunities are only matched by the genuine, welcoming embrace from the people of this state. Through the support of the Montana community, TSF has established a permanent sanctuary for the Special Operations Community to call home. Owned by Bill and Lynn Owens, WHO Ranch opened its heart and services up to TSF. Located in a private, secluded area, WHO Ranch is the perfect location for Warriors and Families to focus on reconnecting and decompressing. WHO Ranch serves as our base center of operations for all Performance Programs. We are humbled by Bill and Lynn's generosity and proud to call WHO Ranch our “Home Plate." We could not ask for a better location or family to host our participants.

THE STATION Foundation (TSF) provides a private sanctuary for the Special Operations Community to focus on and enjoy what matters most in their lives. We are a place to identify priorities and pursue life to the fullest - creating new “tracks” together, not just maintaining the old. Our secluded, peaceful location encourages Warriors and Families to enhance connections and strengthen bonds.

We present experiences that inspire and provide time for participants to reflect and identify priorities in life. TSF helps participants explore and preserve their identity, values and strengths. We are a catalyst for reconnecting and realizing full potential.

We offer customized, year-round Performance Programs that begin in Montana and return home with our participants as they commit to lives of clarity, purpose, and direction. We are not a retreat, but a performance program that challenges and empowers participants to demand their very best, developing resiliency and confidence to thrive through adversity. We set the conditions to achieve Elite Living through applications and resources designed to harness strengths in order to maximize performance. We use participants’ strengths as a springboard, developing a 6-12 month program to accomplish personal goals.

It is urgent that a program of this magnitude gets established immediately.

As conventional forces withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, there will be one community left to stand-alone on the battlefield and fight for our freedom -- The Special Operations Community. The pace and risk of their missions will only increase as the conventional forces withdraw; placing more pressure and demands on the families. We must be proactive and create a program that provides the same quality in resourcing to support the return home as they receive in combat.

We must remember that Special Operators have more to offer our Country than bravery on the battlefield. These Service Members are hand-picked for a reason. They are amazingly talented individuals with multiple skill sets.  Special Operators injured in combat need guidance to realize how they can continue to serve their Country. Our unique process helps participants realize their full potential in life and identify how their strengths translate into the civilian sector. We, as a Country, employ these elite Warriors’ talents in many Countries. It is time to implement their services at home.

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