Team Havoc



Dave Ritchie is the team lead for our Never Quit Challenge for Team Havoc.  Each team is asked if they have a tribute they would like to recognize for the Never Quit Challenge.  Each tribute names the Jetski in honor of their request.  Dave selected 'Turbine 33'. 

Turbine 33

Dave has been operating Personal Watercraft since 1997. The NQC is a perfect fit.  His military career is as exemplary as his life.  He is a professional in the old standard of integrity and honor; a long standing tradition of strength follows his flight path.  We are honored to have him on board the NQC, and honored that the men of Turbine 33 are not forgotten.

Under Team Havoc, Dave is riding on behalf of The Station Foundation to raise funding for outreach programs for Veterans and their families.

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Dave Ritchie has served as a Ranger in the 75th Ranger Regiment from 1991-97 to include combat operations in Somalia earning a Purple Heart.

Dave served as the Ranger/Army's Liaison from 1997-98 for the USMC Recon School in San Diego. He was selected to attended the Army's Flight Training Program and graduating as the distinguished honor graduate. He served as a Blackhawk Pilot from 2000-2003 serving in Bosnia and the Bahamas conducting counter drug operations.

Dave is both Ranger qualified and USMC Reconnaissance qualified.  He took over the Personal Watercraft Program at NAB in its developmental stage as a support safety boat, which eventually led to other commands adopting the platform.

He was assessed and selected to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment serving over 9 years, attaining Flight Leader and deployed in excess of 15 times for Operations Enduring Freedom/Afghanistan.

His last assignment is currently with the US Army's Initial Entry Rotary Wings School as the Senior/Standardization Instructor Pilot.

Awards: Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Air Medal W/V x3, JCOM W/V, MSM x2, ARCOM x4, AAM x4, Combat Infantrymen Badge, Nato Medal, Combat Action Badge, Military Freefall Wings, Master Parachutist, USN/USMC Parachutist wings, Thailand/Germany Parachutists Wings, Senior Army Aviator

Dave has served and supported in combat every US Special Operation Force and most allied SOF Forces.