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April 2013, Mrs. Emily Feeks generously has dedicated her husband's personal American flag that he carried with him during his combat missions.

This tribute is a powerful testimony of love and determination.  We are honored to bear the spirit of our friend S01 Patrick Feeks during the Never Quit Challenge and 

to return his flag to his wife when team GUARDIAN lands in New York City on the anniversary of 9-11.  His brothers will take good care and there will be new stories to share in honor of our friend Patrick. Thank you for sharing your love with the team Emily.  


Fág an Bealach


                   The Feeks family, Mother Ginny, Father Thomas, Sister Regina, Pat and Emily


In Memory of Patrick D. Feeks

by Emily Feeks


People have asked us many times to try to talk about who Patrick was and I can only tell you no words will ever explain to anyone who did not know him the caliber of individual he was and will always be in our hearts. A person so amazing and unique, he was truly larger than life, invincible.  Patrick was a force of nature nothing could stop. He was this incredible rock who always knew how to handle any life situation. 


The 16th of August 2012 seemed so impossible. I had just talked to my husband on Skype as he headed out the door overseas, he said “I love you more.” like any other day.


It seemed impossible less than 12 hours later could they be telling me he was gone. Those words still cut through me like a knife as they do any wife, mother, father, sibling, family member, teammate, or friend.


I choke up as I write this even now to bring back my thoughts to that day. There is this hole that no person could ever fill in our lives, as no one could ever fill any of Patrick’s roles in life the way that he did with such humor, love, faithfulness, and devotion.


There are so many things in life we are powerless against and Patrick’s death is one of them.


Though we have no choice to events that may happen in our lives we do have the choice on how we go forward.  We have the choice to carry on and to change other people’s lives.  To not let the lives of those we have loved and lost ever be forgotten.


Life is not about what you cannot do but what you CAN do; in this we have a choice.  To me that choice is what Never Quit Challenge is all about, the choice we have not to give up, or to give in, the choice to keep going.  


Patrick would be all over this event hands down! Pat was one of the few people I have ever known in life who would stare down any obstacle, laugh, and keep on going.


I wish that he could be here to join us, and he is in spirit.


In a specially made shadow box I keep some very special mementos of Patrick, including the flag he always carried on him.


The flag has seen many things and was with Patrick when he was killed. 


Patrick’s teammates carried the flag home to me and placed it in my hands , of the few things I remember from those first days I will never forget that moment. 


I think there is no better place for this flag to be than to ride with the jetski that is in his honor for the journey.


We all must remember when a life ends a legacy continues, it is a journey that is carried on in the hearts and hands of those who remember and never forget. 


                     In loving memory of SO1 (SEAL) Patrick Delaney Feeks 


                                     “Cry Havoc, let slip the frogs of war!”



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