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The Never Quit Challenge Gear is hosted by Kanalu K38 by administrator Mr. Tom Pohaku Stone, administrator for a 501 c 3 nonprofit Kanalu that

provides cultural & ocean education as well as support water safety training and education.

Tom Pohaku Stone - Co-Founder of Kanalu K38

Never Quit Challenge Charities

NQC approaches fundraising in a collaborative manner.  Organizer, Shawn Alladio of Kanalu K38 and the 3 select non-profit charities realize that not one organization is capable of providing all the care our Warriors deserve.  As you read above there tends to be a theme amongst the 3 charities' missions.  We support Veterans during transitions in life and help them realize their full potential.  However, we each have our own unique approach that compliments each other’s efforts serving our Veterans and their families.


Kanalu K38 Non-Profit

TIN# 14-1994712

Kanalu (K38)  501 (c) 3

PO Box 5248

Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744  

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 KANALU'S PASSION-Boater Education

Kanalu K38 is committed to promoting Safety, Education and Enforcement.  We call this our S.E.E. Program.  Our educational outreach programs are offered on a variety of platforms. We believe in leading, teaching and caretaking for the future. Kanalu is passionate about children and teaching them practical, honorable and traditional ways of respecting the ocean's gifts and using the tools of ocean going vessels and devices in a respectful and responsible manner.


KANALU K38 - Hawaiian Struggle to Adapt to National Association of State Boating Law Administrators Standards


Hawai'i has faced a difficulty phase emerging in the boater education outreach to a professionally and standardized effort for safe and responsible boater education problems.

On the show link listed below we discussed the ongoing problems and addressied the solutions that are in place, and how the shortfalls are compromised between separate agencies leadership, vision and accountability towards conformity. 

Who is qualified to teach boating safety standards and who isn't?

The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators is our lead guide to base our training programs from. All Kanalu K38 instructors are National Safe Boating Council certified educators.  Kanalu K38 has led the way for boating education in the Hawaiian islands since 2007 following their National Safe Boating Councils (NSBC) Instructor Training.

The NSBC Instructor course is designed to prepare instructor candidates to teach effective NASBLA-approved basic boating safety courses to recreational boaters nationwide


TOM:  About Kanalu K38 is about -

Kanalu K38 is promoting responsible boating for both recreational and occupational users through professional and approved boater education sanctions in association with National Safe Boating Council standards.


The NASBLA Model Act for Mandatory Boating Safety Education was originally adopted by the NASBLA Membership on September 13, 2000. In 2005, the NASBLA Education Committee approved and recommended an updated version as part of the Associations Model Act Revision and Standardization Project.

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