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2013 Kawasaki Ultra LX JET SKI® watercraft

Jet Ski® Ultra® LX

A reason you can ride all day on the Ultra LX is its 60-gallon storage capacity, which means food, drinks, supplies and extras of all sorts can be easily stowed. On-board comfort for rider and passengers is supreme, of course. There’s a soft luxury seat with support bolsters, five-position steering that allows the rider to dial in just the right amount of height while standing or sitting, and splash deflectors to help minimize spray and keep everyone dry. There’s also a large, easy-to-read LCD display that serves up a multitude of key digital information including water and ambient temperature. Its easy-to-use reverse lever offers light operation.

The Ultra LX's advanced hull is a fiberglass-reinforced design that creates serious maneuverability thanks to its 22.5-degree deep-V shape, which allows high bank angles and motorcycle-like turning performance – something for which Kawasaki is more than qualified!

Everything Kawasaki knows about high-tech engine building goes into the Ultra LX’s super-efficient powerplant. The reliable 1,498cc inline-four 4-stroke is based on the engine powering the legendary Ninja® ZX™-14R sportbike – the quickest production sportbike on the planet. It delivers ultra-manageable throttle response thanks to its double overhead camshaft cylinder head design, lightweight pistons, advanced fuel injection system, efficient intake tracts and optimized exhaust. The big inline-four is also surprisingly fuel efficient, which means you’ll do a lot of exploration and wave-whipping before the extra-large 20.6-gallon fuel tank runs dry.

There’s more Ultra 300 technology in the propulsion system. The jet pump, driveshaft and nozzle share their basic design with the 300 series, and the results are quite predictable. This advanced system converts the Ultra LX’s horsepower into immediate yet controllable thrust via a large-diameter 155mm jet pump. Combined with a steering nozzle designed for light handling, the system delivers consistent performance, and also plenty of bite, even in rough water.
There’s no end to the fun and exploration you can generate on a watercraft as performance-oriented, practical and fun as the 2013 Ultra LX. Here’s what one journalist remarked after getting off an Ultra LX: “It unlocks parts of the ocean and the planet you simply couldn’t get to before. And that’s an amazing and wonderful thing.” We couldn’t agree more.

Suggested retail price is $11,199.  More specifications and details can be found at www.Kawasaki.com

Important JET SKI riding safely and responsibly information can be found at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emZnJHhqQmY&feature=youtu.be