Shawn Alladio




Founder of K38, Shawn Alladio created the Never Quit Challenge on behalf of the men she has had the honor of training in our Nation's military communities.  

The Never Quit Challenge is Born

 One of her military students had a special request for an adventure, and the Never Quit Challenge was designed to match the man out of deep respect.  

It was a perfect fit for this warrior.  Agreed. The challenge was born with the drop of a coin into a hand, spit and respect gifted.  A fitting adventure for the warrior spit and ethos of 'Never Quit', the selection process began and the Teams were created in honor of fallen friends.

The NQC was designed for these men, those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, those wounded while in the military, their families, surviving spouses and children, and in the eternal memory of those brothers and sisters who will not be forgotten on our watch.  

'The Never Quit Challenge brings all of us together; as one community serving all communities, as Americans, Patriots, friends, brothers and sisters, contributors, veteran related charities and collectively unites us to participate and help those who have served on behalf of the greatest nation gifted by God.  It's our turn, the Never Quit Challenge exemplifies the ethos of commitment, respect and service; the ending is the most important part, as the war effort winds down the homefront steps up, that's who we are." Says Shawn.

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Alladio is the foremost subject matter expert regarding personal watercraft.  K38 is represented in ten international companies with licensed affiliates dedicated to reduce drownings, or accidents worldwide.  K38 has revolutionized lifesaving globally and continues to develop programs and outreach to benefit humanity in a time of need.  Shawn is a National Safe Boating Council instructor and Hall of Fame Recipient and has received numerous awards for boating safety, education and heroism.

Shawn is a professional offshore racer. She is a member of the PWCOffshore race team based out of Southern California. She has been competing on JET SKI® watercraft since 1989 professionally.  Her first competition was in 1980.

Shawn Alladio has trained and supported program development for select US Military divisions from the United States Army, United States Air Force, United States Marine Corps and United States Navy, and United States Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Swimmers STAN team.  

Shawn asks that you join in fellowship of supporting our Nation’s Veterans by supporting the charities and the warriors who go the distance on behalf of our country’s needs.


What is the Never Quit Challenge?

NEVER QUIT CHALLENGE – A Personal Water Craft Adventure to benefit select charities.  The NQC is an Invitational Personal Water Craft Adventure vetted by Special Operations Military Veteran teams onboard Kawasaki Ultra LX JET SKIs®.

The NQC was an original request for a special operations warrior whom was interested in a training challenge via water in 2012.  A year of preparations ensued and the NQC was created with a charity driven foundation.  The NQC was designed to complete on the anniversary of 9-11 in New York City NY.

1,600 miles covered by sea and support teams by land with vehicles and trailers.  The event is a comprehensive training opportunity of endurance, underway time, navigation and boat handling skills during hurricane season.  There are a total of six teams selected for the NQC.

- JC Driver you are not forgotten.