Never Quit Challenge Ethos

Μην τα παρατάς ποτέ 

The Never Quit Challenge (NQC) is a coastal Jetski adventure that reflects the human enduring spirit a warrior embodies:

These men embody the character and fortitude displayed under brave acts of courage, endurance, going the distance, the credible perseverance driven onward to the finish. 

Brave men have lost their lives in times of conflict; our best have sacrificed their lives and the families future, hopes and dreams. It is our turn to take care of them.

Their memory drives the NQC Operators to bring honor to their lives and to benefit Veterans families.

This is the Never Quit Challenge Sacred Trust.

For Our Fallen, For The Brothers, for their Families, for our Nation, in God We Trust.

Clear The Way! 

Fág an Bealach   

Πρωτοπόροι στα πάντα



Dealer 54

Extortion 17

Ozzi 72

Turbine 33

David Warsen

S01 Patrick D. Feeks

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