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Cry Havoc, Let Slip the Frogs of War


During the first NQC in 2013, the Feeks family were one of our motivational inspirations. Please read this wonderful tribute:


The Never Quit Challenge is a 1,600 mile JETSKI adventure operated by combat and SAR Veterans. It begins in Key West, Florida on September 5th with a dedication ceremony. The Never Quit Challenge (NQC) gets underway early on September 6th, then heads up the coastline for the next 6 days landing I New York City NY on September 11th.  There are 3 select charities for supporters to make contributions towards in support of our Veterans and their families.

What is a Challenge Coin?

A challenge coin is a tradition for a symbolic gesture, of which consists of a ‘challenge’.  Usually there is alcohol involved and posturing requiring specific protocols to be enacted.                                                                          

A challenge coin is a small coin or medallion typically of military design, bearing an organizations insignia or emblem. It is carried by the organization’s members.

Traditionally, they are given to prove membership when challenged and to enhance morale. In addition, they are also collected by service members.

In practice, challenge coins are normally presented by unit commanders in recognition of special achievement by a member of the unit. They are also exchanged in recognition of visits to an organization. There are many traditions surrounding a challenge coin, how it is awarded and to whom. 

Coin Rules

There are also rules for the coins, one is that the coin must be given and explained as to why it is being gifted to the new coin holder.  The coin MUST be carried at all times; the holder can be challenged to produce it, without taking more than 4 steps to retrieve it. 

When challenging the coin holder one must be told if it’s for a single drink or a round of elixirs.  Failing to produce a coin, results in purchase of drinks, which can be expensive.

If all challenged produce their coins, the challenger loses and must buy all drinks.  If a person gives their coin to another, that person can now keep the coin. 

If a coin is lost, the individual needs to replace it.  They cannot be punched with holes and worn or hung like jewelry.  The coin has to be controlled at all times.

Gifting a coin to just ‘anyone’ is not considered honorable.  To receive a coin is a personal value, it’s an honor.



April 9th, 2013 I drove my 4 place jetski trailer to Coronado California. I was to meet up with Lars Hausken who is a lead K38 instructor. Today we were going to meet Mrs. Ginny Feeks, mother of S01 Patrick Feeks. 

On August 16, 2012 A/C crashed while on a mission in Khashir area of Chenarto village in the Shah Wali Kot district of Kandahar province. The Never Quit Challenge has named a team with the call sign OZZI 72 in memory of S01 Pat Feeks as well as a Kawasaki Ultra LX Jetski bearing his name. 

Ginny was coming to christen the Jetski today.  It was going to be a big moment for us, and a great honor. Ginny pulls up in her car and she has something clasped in her hands. She is sitting in the driver’s seat and begins to tell me about the coin. She and her husband Thomas have a daughter Regina whom is also serving in the US Navy. 

She began to tell me the story about the coin and her daughter Regina who had designed the coin.  She handed it to me. I knew the value of accepting coins. It wasn’t just a token, it was an honor.  She showed me the detail and the symbolism that Regina applied to the coin.  The green embossed color flowed smoothly over the Frog Havoc quote. The gold shines bold against the crisp edging.  One side of the coin bears the family’s Coat of Arms.  “Cry Havoc, Let Loose the Frogs of War’ is the strong anchor of the symbolic representation of the spirit of Regina’s brother. 

On the edge of the coin is a special engraved phrase bearing keynotes of Patricks service record. The OZZI 72 call sign is there representing the Helo he and others were in when they passed on.  There are simplistic but firm details on all three sides of the coin, front, back and rim.  Regina did well, on the landscape of this coin she captured the strengths and attributes of her brother’s strong life.


We kitted Ginny up in her personal protective equipment (PPE) and did an orientation for safety with the Jetski.  It was a beautiful day in San Diego.  We were going to conduct a tour of the harbor and pass by downtown.  Ginny looked sharp in her gear and had a lot of confidence, despite this being her first jetski ride.

The boat named in her families honor was smart and crisp on the water and Ginny had no problem getting comfortable underway. Lars and I both tracked with Ginny on her port and starboard sides.  We crossed under the shadow of the Coronado Bay bridge at a sharp pace.  We were heading over to the San Diego Waterfront. 

This was something that Patrick would have loved to do.  It was a great match to see his mother stepping forward to do something that her son would have been after, and he also would be very proud of his mother as we were.  It was a good day.

Regina and her mother talked over the possibility of having Patrick’s Challenge Coin involved in the Never Quit Challenge. Quickly they went to action and a package arrived at my home. It was not a large package. It was a very heavy package. I knew instantly when I signed for it that this box was special. When the mail lady handed it to me, I knew the promise had arrive. Pat’s coins were here.

I sat down in a chair and touched the box. These coins were going to be shrink wrapped and given to 30 of our team members to carry on the 1,600 mile journey.  They were our first symbol of the NQC that made the event real and not words on a website. A note and a coin were side marked for Lars.

My daughter Kyla began the process of shrink wrapping the coins.  She commented on the good design and we talked about the Feeks family.  It’s not just keeping the memory alive of a loved one lost, it’s about cherishing the love of that person and celebrating their life.

I know how deeply myself and Lars have already been affected by the Feeks family, the graciousness and generosity. We are looking forward to each day that comes closer to the NQC.  Lars and I will be taking Patrick’s coin with us on all our training rides, so we’ll keep him in our thoughts, his family and his surviving spouse Emily. 

This is an amazing family.  They are living with their own measure of grief, and at the same time they share their love by inspiring Patrick’s name to benefit the lives of others.  The S01 Pat Feeks boat will be riding in honor of the Phoenix Patriot Foundation.

Patrick was a supporter of PPF and a friend to many.  This is a selfless act of this family. They have participated in numerous other charity events to benefit Veteran causes.

We are thankful to have the Feeks family support the NQC and their spirit is a vital aspect of what the Never Quit Challenge represents.  Patricks surviving spouse Mrs. Emil Feeks is actively involved in supporting charities in the name of her husband.  She also servers our nation, this family is steeply rooted in service to America. Please read her tribute to her beloved: Tribute 

These are the people who make a difference in the lives of others, despite their own life hurdles and pain, they go the distance.  We will do our best to honor Patrick. 

Follow this link to see Ginny’s ride: 

Never Quit Challenge Website: