The mission of the Never Quit Challenge is a land and nautical centered fundraising event supporting American Veterans and their families with community participation that benefits select notable Charities. 


The Never Quit Challenge is vetted by veterans and wounded warriors who will operate Kawasaki Ultra LX Jetskis through a grueling multi ranged day passage.  


The Never Quit Ethos dries our mission.  The Never Quit Challenge is based both on land and water moving a team of 30 members with boats, and equipment safely across throughout the route. 


These veterans will be carrying mementos and memorabilia commemorating KIA special operations warriors with each operator hosting boat dedications in their honor.  Each Never Quit Challenge team member is carrying a United States of America flag in honor of our Nation.


Their NQC journey covers 600 miles of open ocean waters commencing on September 8th, 2014 in Morro Bay, California, with several overnight checkpoints and various fuel stations en route to San Diego, Califronia. The NQC Team will arrive in San Diego on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks against American on September 11, 2014.  


The Never Quit Challenge raises awareness of four select charities raising funds and promoting educational outreach regarding Veterans causes that in turn are passed back to their own communities.  


NQC MotoFág an Bealach (Clear the Way)


Who are the NQC Charities?  


Our founding charities are the Phoenix Patriot Foundation, the MARSOC Foundation and The Station Foundation.


Make a tax deductible charitable contribution to the NQC here



NEVER QUIT CHALLENGE – A Personal Water Craft Adventure to benefit select charities.  The NQC is an Invitational Personal Water Craft Adventure vetted by Military Veteran teams onboard Kawasaki Ultra LX JET SKIs®.

The NQC was an original request from a special operations veteran whom was interested in a training challenge via water in 2012 via contact with K38.  A year of preparations ensued and the NQC was created with a charity driven foundation.  The NQC was designed to complete on the anniversary of 9-11.

600 miles covered by sea and support teams by land with vehicles and trailers.  The event is a comprehensive training opportunity of endurance, underway time, navigation and boat handling skills during hurricane season.  There are a total of 30 Never Quit Challenge members supporting this adventure ride.

A challenging Personal Water Craft Adventure that benefits the respective Never Quit Challenge supporting Charities.

An ‘Invitational Only’ Personal Water Craft Challenge vetted by select Veteran teams on board Personal Water Craft.

Kawasaki Motors Corporation USA is sponsoring a Kawasaki Ultra LX JET SKI® on behalf of each supporting NQC operator. 

The NQC team members will be meeting in Morro Bay, California on September 7th for orientation and equipment set up.

Personnel will be comprised of combat warriors and will provide ground support and rider exchanges at key refueling points.

Operators will ride a minimum of 4-6 hours per day.

Operators will deploy each morning at sunrise.

Operators will be carrying all Federal and State required emergency and signaling gear and will be hosted with a tracking page for viewers to watch their progress.

Operators will ride on behalf of four select charities and will be raising tax deductible donations on behalf of a greatful nation.


Fág an Bealach