Billy Waugh




The Never Quit Challenge 'Clear The Way' has received a special dedication honoring one of our Nation's most valued warriors, William Waugh.  Mr. Waugh has given us permission to dedicate a Kawasaki JET SKI in his namesake.  This is a notable dedication, as Mr. Waugh is a inspiring warrior for all generations.


William "Billy" Waugh (born December 1, 1929), is a retired American Special ForcesSergeant Major and Central Intelligence Agency Paramilitary Operations Officer who served more than 50 years between the U.S. Army's Green Berets and the CIA's Special Activities Division.

"The photo below was taken 6 years after I had received 5-separate Gunshot Wounds from several real-live NVA in a hell of a battle in 1965 in the War of Vietnam.  The photo taken as my Team prepared to insert HALO 19,500 feet elevation, at 0200, Jun 1971, on O-2, in the rain -  along the Ho Chi Minh Trail  - in Savannakhet Province In Laos." States Mr. Waugh.


               SFC JD Bath    -  SGM Billy Waugh   -  SSG Jesse Campbel

                      Prior to HALO Infiltration on the Ho Chi Minh Trail