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1.  September 7 -8th Morro Bay, California

2.  September 8th-Santa Barbara, California

3.  September 9th, Long Beach, California

4.  September 10th, Long Beach Californi and Santa Catalina Island, Avalon, California

5.  September 11th, San Diego, California


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What Is A Nautical Mile?

 unit length that is about one minute of arc latitude measured along any meridian, or about one minute of arc of longitude at the equator. By international agreement it has been set at 1,852

1 Nautical Mile:  1,852 Meters -  6,076 Feet

1 Nautical Mile = 1.15078 Mile

In English usage a sea mile is, for any latitude, the length of one minute of latitude at that latitude (1 sea mile = Earth radius x one minute in radian). It varies from about 1,855.3 metres (6,087 ft) at the equator (equatorial radius × π / 180 / 60) to about 1,849.1 metres (6,067 ft) at the poles (polar radius × π / 180 / 60), with a mean value of 1,852.3 metres (6,077 ft). The international nautical mile was chosen as the integer number of metres closest to the mean sea mile.

1,600 nmi = 2,9632 k

A Nautical Mile is a standard international measurement - used by all countries to measure surface distance over water. Conversions to U.S. distance measures are as follows:

1 Nautical Mile is equal to 1.15077 "Road" Miles

1 Nautical Mile is equal to 6,076.115 Feet

1 Nautical Mile is equal to 72913.385 Inches

1 Nautical Mile is equal to 1.958906e-13 Light - Years



Special Thanks to Don Shipley and the Navy Seal Training Experience for donating a 'Hell Night' to auction off on behalf of the Never Quit Challenge!


NAVY SEAL TRAINING for Civilians...


Navy SEAL Training for Civilians

All my friends are Navy SEALs, family members are Navy SEALs,  all our Training Instructors are Navy SEALs, and when you get through BUDS Training in the Navy, you'll be stationed in San Diego or "here" in Norfolk, Virginia at a SEAL Team. 
I work my ASS OFF to show you guys, younger or older, what Navy SEAL, BUDS Training and ALL US Military Special Forces training programs are like.
I keep the prices as LOW as possible, and provide BUD/S Preparation Training here that is only second to actual SEAL Training in the Navy.
Guys come here to better themselves through adversity, they come here to “WIN.”  Nobody pays for a course to lose or feel bad about themselves, nobody comes here to take last place, get embarrassed, or be humiliated. 
There is NEVER a good reason to lower someone’s self esteem or confidence.
There is NEVER a good reason to destroy someone’s dreams.
Running a “Proper” training course requires skill, YEARS of experience, and die-hard motivation to get it right and show guys what SEAL Training in the Navy really like. 
Grab a weapon; get on the Helo… I’ll show you what Special Forces Training is like… and you'll have a HOOT... 

Don Shipley BUD/S 131, SEAL Team ONE, SEAL Team TWO.






While in Florida please visit the National Navy SEAL Museum!

  • The National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum, also known as the Navy UDT-SEAL Museum, is located at 3300 North A1A, North Hutchinson Island, in St. Lucie County, just outside Fort Pierce, Florida. Wikipedia
    Address3300 N Hwy A1A, Fort Pierce, FL 34949
    Thursday hours 10:00 am–4:00 pm  -  See all
    Phone(772) 595-5845