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What Is A Nautical Mile?

 unit length that is about one minute of arc latitude measured along any meridian, or about one minute of arc of longitude at the equator. By international agreement it has been set at 1,852

1 Nautical Mile:  1,852 Meters -  6,076 Feet

1 Nautical Mile = 1.15078 Mile

In English usage a sea mile is, for any latitude, the length of one minute of latitude at that latitude (1 sea mile = Earth radius x one minute in radian). It varies from about 1,855.3 metres (6,087 ft) at the equator (equatorial radius × π / 180 / 60) to about 1,849.1 metres (6,067 ft) at the poles (polar radius × π / 180 / 60), with a mean value of 1,852.3 metres (6,077 ft). The international nautical mile was chosen as the integer number of metres closest to the mean sea mile.

1,600 nmi = 2,9632 k

A Nautical Mile is a standard international measurement - used by all countries to measure surface distance over water. Conversions to U.S. distance measures are as follows:

1 Nautical Mile is equal to 1.15077 "Road" Miles

1 Nautical Mile is equal to 6,076.115 Feet

1 Nautical Mile is equal to 72913.385 Inches

1 Nautical Mile is equal to 1.958906e-13 Light - Years