Each of the NQC staff members and operators will be carrying USA Flags inside their lifejacket pouches or on their person.  These folded flags will be waterproofed in a symbolic display of the warrior spirit.
During the 2013 NQC; a flag of special significance was carried by all team members.  The operators carried S01 Pat Feeks American flag onboard the Jetski named in his honor.  
This is Pat's flag that he wore in his backpack on all his combat missions. It is the flag he carried the day he died. His surviving spouse, Emily Feeks had asked for the flag to be transported along the route.
This is a significant honor and Pat's brothers were the ones who carried his flag. Pat would have loved to be on this ride, we will not forget him.

Team Operators are carrying flags, but they are also carrying coins both by land and sea.  Feeks Challenge coins, team coins, and NQC coins.  It's a moving memorial over land and water.
The coins are shrink wrapped and the flags are wrapped with silica to absorb any moisture.  All are carried with dignity and transported with respect.
These are the memories that drive us.  This is who we are.

Emily and S01 Patrick Feeks Flags Video
PPF founder Jared (L) and Pat Feeks (R)