Havoc was inspired by my dear friend Dave whom is a man I consider a National Treasure. His story is compelling in regards to his service to the United States of American and the men and women he served with.  He served on several Medal of Honor Missions and represents the NQC Ethos.  He will always be a strong part of the NQC and our truest inspiration.

Dave's Bio Page


Dave Training in Coronado, Surf Passages 1997


Dave Training in Coronado, Surf Passages 2012




Dave Ritchie is an incredible and formidable spirit. In 2013 Dave selected 'Turbine 33' for the memorial dedication.

Turbine 33

Dave has been operating Personal Watercraft since 1997. The NQC is a perfect fit.  His military career is as exemplary as his life.  He is a professional in the old standard of integrity and honor; a long standing tradition of strength follows his flight path.  We are honored to have him on board the NQC in 2013, and honored that the men of Turbine 33 are not forgotten.


Dave has served in the both the regular Army and Special Operation units for the past 22 years and is honorably retired enjoying his life training the next generation of aviators and spending time with his loving family and adoring wife.