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LT Guy McDermott is a native of Southern California. He joined the Navy in 1989 and attended boot camp in San Diego CA.


He then completed the Navy Air Traffic Control Certification and reported to NAS Point Mug and qualified as a tower supervisor and final approach radar specialist.


In December 1992, he reported to USS Constellation (CV-64) for duty as a Carrier Air Traffic Controller. While posted to USS Constellation he worked in the air operations center where he was responsible for the safe departure and arrival of all aircraft assigned to the vessel.



In October 1995, he was assigned to Fleet Air Control Facility, San Diego for duty as a radar controller.  Where he qualified as a Facility Watch Supervisor and was responsible for the safe flight of all aircraft in Southern California restricted airspace. 


In January 1998, LT McDermott was accepted and completed the Naval Special Warfare Basic Underwater Demolition School (BUD/s), and graduated in Class 219.


In October 1998, he was assigned to SEAL Team FIVE. During this time, he completed two deployments: One to PACOM as a primary SEAL platoon radioman/joint terminal controller.



And another as a platoon LPO to Southeast Asia in support of the GWOT. One of his most memorable operations was going to North Korea to support the recovering of MIA Americans’ remains from the Korean War.


In June 2002, LT McDermott was accepted into the Navy’s Seaman to Admiral Program.  He graduated with honors from the University of San Diego with a BA in Business Administration in May 2005.


Upon his commissioning as a Naval Officer, he joined SEAL Team SEVEN.  While there, he deployed to Iraq in 2007 in support of “Operation Iraqi Freedom” and again to Afghanistan in 2009 support of “Operation Enduring Freedom”


Now retired, Guy is pursuing a new career as a firefighter. 



Guy McDermott

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