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Welcome to the Never Quit Challenge Calendar of Events!

Our updates and timelines will be posted here, so check back frequently!


1.  September 6th, arrival in Morro Bay, CA

2.  September 7th, pre operations checks.  Commencement dinner and tribute, Morro Bay, CA

3.  September 8th, departure to Santa Barabara CA, overnight camping with the group

4.  September 9th, deaparture for Long Beach CA, to the Queen Mary 

5.  September 10th, departure to Santa Catalina Island via two tours, press relations and interviews

6.  September 11t, departure to San Diego, CA, completion of NQC awards dinner and fundraiser


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Inaugural Dedications (Archive)

S01 Patrick Feeks Jetski is christened.  
Patrick's mother Ginny did the honors in Coronado California


April 11, 2013

Our First Press Release courtesy of Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine!


April 12-13th, 2013
Phoenix Patriot Foundation 
Jared Ogden and Shawn Alladio compiled the NQC Phoenix Patriot Foundation guidelines and SOP's

September 15th 2013
S01 Patrick Feeks Coins Arrived
The family of our friend Pat sent 30 Challenge coins that were designed by Pat's sister Regina. These coins will be shrink wrapped for protection and will be carried by the NQC Warriors on board Kawasaki Jetskis for the 1,600 miles as a tribute to honor Pat's memory and his sacrifice for our nation


April 16th, 2013S01 Patrick Feeks memorial video uploaded



April 21, 2013

 New Never Quit Challenge Team Dedications Announced

  1. Turbine 33
  2. Dealer 54 (K38 boat dedication)
  3. Ozzie 72
  4. Extortion 17

August 2-4th, 2013

AWA-PPF-K38 - Never Quit Challenge Training for Wounded Veterans

Washington DC, Potomac River

 NOTICE:  The Never Quit Challenge is not endorsed by the US Government, DoD or military divisions. It is a charity driven adventure ride.  Nor is it endorsed by any other government agency or department.  The Never Quit Challenged is staffed with volunteers.