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K38 has been privileged to collaborate for over a decade with David Pu'u in projects ranging from mlitary training and lifesaving programs, big wave surfing competitions and team building exercies as well as creative and editorial projects.  He has been our Creative Director for the Purple Heart Patriots Challenge for the past two seasons and will be documenting the NQC from the beginning and beyond.  We at K38 are honored to be working wtih Mr. Pu'u and Shawn Alladio is one of the Ocean Lover's Collective Advisors under David's guidance.


David Pu'u is a leading editorial photographer, with work regularly appearing in publications worldwide. Approximately forty editorial publications, located in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia and the U.S., regularly use his work. Publications range from magazines like Surfer ( Senior Photographer) and Surfers Journal, to mainstream concerns such Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, NY Post, London Daily Mirror, SZ.De, Playboy, Time and many others. He also acquired the 2003 Canon Image of the Year award for a cover image published in Surfer Magazine's annual collector's issue. In addition David has provided imagery for over 20 image based books 

He is well versed in all phases of photography and lighting, and has competently produced an array of magazine covers, spreads and features, shooting from the water, jet skis, helicopters, airplanes, and moving vehicles, preferring a moving set to more staid indoor studio work. He is a water specialist however, capable of spending any amount of hours he chooses in the water. It is his preferred medium.

David also works as a commercial photographer and film maker with clients running the gamut from surf and apparel industry concerns, to various corporate clients. Commercially trained in digital formats, he also is able to produce work on demand in viable digital file form with his in house, digital system, or do fulfillment on demand using digital capture and location processing. 

His work has won several prestigious art shows, and has been selected to hang and screen in museum venues, such as the Texas Institute of Art, the American History museum in NY, Museum Nacional in Brazil and the Maritime History museum at Santa Barbara. 

In 2000, David began shooting high speed motion picture, action sports pieces in both 16mm and 35 mm formats. His footage appears regularly in feature films, various television projects, and commercials.

Currently David travels several months of the year, doing self assigned, editorial and commercial assignment projects. Time at home in California is spent either developing new work or doing post production on past projects. 

David is represented internationally by Corbis Media. ( keyword: David Pu'u, to view his library there). His analog library boasts an image file of close to 250,000 images, with many subjects available in digital commercial file format.


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Cell is US: 01 805 794-0123.



David has chronicled K38 Training programs and is the staff photographer for the Phoenix Patriot Foundation's tradmark PWC event called the Purple Heart Patriots Challenge.



You will notice many of David's photos throughout the Never Quit Challenge webpages.  He has captured the spirit of our combat veterans in settings that reflect not only their contributions but their fortitude and spirit.



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